Friends of AURAI is a brand collective

created to showcase and promote our favourite

independent/eco/handmade brands <3

Each one of them are specialists in their product

niche and perfect additions to your AURAI piece.  



Studio Sape

We really wanted to add rattan and straw bags in our website, but we needed to find the perfect eco&ethical brand, one that shares the same DNA as us! Studio Sapê is a fellow Brazilian sister brand that values the art of handmade and prioritises the use of natural raw materials. The products are made in small communities that still preserve the traditional crafts and are developed in short runs. Just love for them! Stock is about to arrive but you can pre-order here.




For a long time we were looking to develop a natural laundry powder to gently but effectively wash your AURAI SWIM. But then our path crossed with Wendyl's, and what happens is that they already had the perfect product for it! All Wendyl’s products are handmade in Auckland and does not contain fillers, chemicals, synthetics or artificial fragrances. Shop Wendyl's natural laundry powder here.



ECOCOCO is an amazing range of vegan, organic and cruelty free hair care, tanning and body products based on coconut oil. Due to the unique molecular structure of coconut oil it is unlike other oils or moisturisers and is ideal for penetrating the shaft, getting past the cuticle, repairing and preventing damage from the inside, out. ECOCOCO uses certified organic ingredients to ensure your hair is nourished and cared for. Shop Ecococo here.



friends of aurai izzy and jean

Izzy and Jean Co is a Kiwi business owned and run by Claire Ongley, a true curator of all special/handcrafted/old-world/beautifully designed things. Things that have an interesting story behind them. “In a time where most goods we own are mass-produced or disposable, it's nice to spend money on something that is the result of a traditional craft, unique skill or creative design”. Izzy and Jean Co turkish towels are cheerful, practical, 100% cotton and lovingly made in Turkey. The name Izzy and Jean Co. is inspired by two important ladies, Claire’s grandmothers Isabel and Joan. Shop Izzy and Jean HERE



aurai swimwear gavala

Gavala is a brand created by model, hot-mama and mermaid Shih Fen Galava, specialised in the most gorgeous head ties. They are handmade with love here in New Zealand, featuring beautiful fabrics and awesome prints. The absolute perfect accessory to add to any outfit, especially to your favourite AURAI style. Shop Gavala HERE



Ama Balm is a company founded by Jo and Robbie in New Zealand. As keen kite surfers, surfers, paddle boarders, slack liners, snowboarders and yogis, they spend most of their free time outside. But being forever exposed to the elements makes our skin feel and look weathered so they came up with the idea of a face balm that provides protection and repairs the skin.They have tried and tested Ama Balm in all extreme conditions that NZ offer.  Down here, we are always salty, wind blown, sun kissed or cold! Ama Balm is loaded with natural ingredients, kept it simple and 100% NZ Made. Shop Ama Balm HERE.



WACHILA, like us at AURAI, is a socially driven business that promotes fair trade practices through handmade products, ensuring that artisans are fairly paid for their work and products are treated as a powerful channel for social transformation. WACHILA comes from the words Wayuu & “mochila” . A mochila is a beautiful one-of-a kind piece, 100% handmade by women from the Wayuu tribe in Colombia. Wayuu mochilas are unique works of beauty, full of life, color and circular harmony - the energy of the woman who creates a mochila is concentrated in each woven thread.  Each design incorporated into every mochila bag is unique to the weaver, telling a story through the bag's colors, patterns and shapes. Wayuu women work full days while weaving their mochilas and can take up to a full month to complete one single bag. A colourful and ethical way to support Wayuu community growth and make sure this ancient technique is passed on to a new generation. Shop Wachila HERE .



Taylor Patterson started Weekend Life in the summer of 2015 when chilling out brainstorming cool ideas with a friend. He started it officially a few months later with just a few T-shirts, $100 dollar investment and the “weekend” lifestyle in mind. The bamboo floating shades were the next addition to the product mix, and Taylor wanted them to be super cool and not insanely overpriced. Since they have grown to have Weekend Life products and brand carried in multiple stores across the globe. The shades you can shop here are the result of our first collaboration with the brand. Shop Weekend Life HERE!



VT Handmade Jewellery is a brand created by Vania Truchsess, a young entrepreneur born in Venezuela and based in Auckland. VT is inspired by nature and its colors and shapes, by life and its contrasts, by music and the way it makes you feel. VT pieces are hand-crafted to perfection using real gemstones such as quartz, onix, hematite and tiger eye. Vania has developed a vibrant and stunning style that’s just a perfect match for our swimwear. Shop VT Handmade HERE


To be continued....

If you have or know a brand that could be a Friend of AURAI, contact us at